Uzbekistan’s Classic tour

Uzbekistan's Classic Tour to famous cities: Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara


Pearl of East

Tour to most densely populated state in the Central Asia and visiting historical and cultural sights.

Historical Spots of Uzbekistan (incl. Termez)

Reopening the secrets of ancient Movaraunnahr, the country between two rivers, and following the steps of Heroes of Uzbekistan such as Tamerlane, Al Bukhari, Ulugbek and Algorithm.


Historical Spots of Uzbekistan

Tour-package consists of combination of historical, architectural and cultural components, carefully selected by GC TRAVEL professionals.




Historical Spots of Uzbekistan (incl. Ferghana Valley)

Uzbekistan is famous for its ancient cities such as Samarkand – “Rome of the East” which was concurred by Alexandre the Great, Genghiskhan and was capital of Tamerlane; noble and sacred Bukhara-i-sharif, to honor even great poets Firdousi and Rudaki devoted many works and Shakhrisabz, Khiva, Marghilan and Rishatan and many others.

Tashkent tour

Tashkent city


Muslim Tours around Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the motherland of many scholars namely Imam al-Bukhari, Imam At Tirmizi, Khodja Bahauddin Naqshbandi and many other Sufi Shrines and the resting places of great people.

Buddhism and Zoroastrianism legacy of Uzbekistan

This tour will familiarize you to the Zoroastrian and Buddhist cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. According to many historians, Uzbekistan mainly Khorezm region is being considered as the origin of Zoroastrianism.

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